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A Simple Guide To The Lay Betting System. Betting System Guide to Place Betting Secrets. Discover this unique Football Betting System which wins 9 times out of 10. Betting System Tips and secrets about Football Betting System which can help real people to succeed and win. Learn more about the exciting world of the Lay Betting System today.

The phenomenal growth and success of betting exchanges such as Betfair in recent years has allowed individuals to take full advantage of the unique services they offer. The lay betting system allows smart bettors to completely get rid of traditional bets. Taking full advantage of the service known as the lay betting system (accepting bets) provided by the betting exchange environment, provides a modern alternative to the traditional back betting system. The betting exchanges also offer many other valuable features that are not available anywhere else.

Betfair is undoubtedly the largest Betting Exchange in the world, offering people a real alternative to the traditional form of betting system known as the ‘back betting system’. You now have a unique opportunity to use the ‘lay betting system’ by playing the role of a bookmaker.

An ordinary betting system, playing the role of a bookmaker – let me explain!

I will try to explain as simply as possible, the lay betting system is a facility provided by the betting exchange that allows you to use your own skills and judgment about the results of almost any sporting event that you think will not win. This is called the ‘lay betting’ or ‘lay betting system’.

You no longer need to only support winners to collect your winnings, you can now place lay bets using the betting exchange system. This puts you in the unique and very powerful position of being able to make money from the loser’s world, using the power of the lay betting system and the betting exchange.

Explanation of the Lay Betting System, Here is an Example of the Lay Betfair Betting System and how it works …

Say, you have been watching the progress of your favorite football team very closely throughout the season. They are playing at home and you feel so confident and confident in your own mind that the coupon cannot end in a draw.

The odds for the Lay betting system match on the Betfair betting exchange are as follows: – Team A 5/2, Series 2/1, Team B 5/2.

Here is an explanation of the public betting system on how to use 2/1 lay betting odds on Betfair: – In this example of the public betting system the odds for a draw are 2/1, so if you bet then the lottery is say £ 10 ago. ..

If a draw is the final result of this soccer match then you will lose £ 20 (2 x £ 10).

If you play the role of a bookmaker using the lay betting system to place bets, the draw and this football match does not end in a draw, then you will get £ 10 in stake (minus a small commission for Betfair).

Explanation of the Betfair Lay Betting System:

Using the lay betting system example above – this is exactly the same as placing a conventional bet with a £ 10 bookmaker at 2/1 odds, the difference is, using the Betfair lay betting system you can save your stake. if the bet loses as expected, it is the same as a traditional bet. If the bet wins then the bet will save your bet money in the traditional way.

The thrill and excitement of using the common betting system on the betting market is now available at almost any sporting event you can imagine. You name it and you can probably bet the result. This may be football, horse racing, cricket, rugby or maybe golf, even a new market betting system is available all the time.

Let’s look at another example of a lay betting system – this time we’re going to look at horse racing and how you can stack odds in your favor, rather than against you, with a lay betting system.


Imagine a horse race of 12 runners. In order for you to win using the traditional ‘back betting system’ you need to find a race winner. Look at it another way, you will only have 1 horse running FOR you (this will be the one you stake to win). The rest of the field, the other 11 horses will ALL gallop AGAINST you. Any of these 11 other horses can continue to win races and literally take away your chances of winning. This is the conventional way of losing your stake (otherwise known as the ‘back bet’ or ‘back bet’ system).


Again we will use horse race 12 runners to explain. To stack the odds in your favor, with the lay betting system you can bet only one horse to lose, in any race using the Betfair betting exchange. This has the overall effect because ALL of the other 11 horses are running FOR you, with only 1 horse (which you bet to lose the race) running AGAINST you. Therefore, if any other horse out of the remaining 11 competitors actually advances and wins the race, your lay bet will be successful (this is called the ‘lay bet’ or ‘lay betting system’).

I realize that the lay betting system may sound a little confusing, especially if you know absolutely nothing about the subject. However, a potential advantage exists for those people who take the time to learn all they can about betting exchanges and betting systems in general.

I think you’ll agree, trying to pick a 12 runner horse race winner will prove much more difficult than just choosing a horse to lose. Let’s face it – by stacking the odds in your favor with an ordinary betting system, you should open up more opportunities for making a profit. Instead of having the odds stacked firmly  AGAINST  you by using the traditional back betting system route, you can create a situation where the odds are stacked heavily  FOR  you simply by using the lay betting system as a lucrative alternative.

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